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After hot weather, minimum temperature falls in Mumbai

MUMBAI: After a week of hot and humid weather conditions, there was some respite for Mumbaikars on Tuesday especially during the morning hours. The minimum temperature in the city dipped to 20.5 degrees which till last weekend had risen to almost 25 degrees.
On Tuesday, the minimum temperature recorded by the IMD Colaba observatory was 23.2 degrees while the IMD Santacruz observatory recorded 20.5 degrees.
IMD officials said that a dip in night temperatures can be expected in the coming days. The IMD in its 48-hour forecast also said that mainly clear skies are expected to persist with minimum and maximum temperatures likely to be 33 degrees and 21 degrees, respectively.
Meanwhile, day temperatures recorded by the IMD Colaba and Santacruz observatory on Tuesday were 33 degrees and 33.7 degrees, respectively. Mumbai for two days in a row last week also recorded the highest day temperatures – above 35 degrees – when compared with observatories across India.
Abhijit Modak, a weather enthusiast, who runs the Konkan Weather blog, said, “Further drop in temperatures can be expected with Christmas witnessing chill mornings.”

Source : Times of India