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Russian troops launched offensive in Luhansk region – Gaidai

The Russian occupation troops have already launched a large-scale offensive in the Lugansk region. However, Putin’s army is not successful.

This was told by the head of the Luhansk regional military administration Sergei Gaidai . “A certain aggravation has already begun. We can say de facto that this is part of the large-scale offensive that the Russians were planning,” he said.

Gaidai noted that the Ukrainian defenders repel all attacks .

“Our defense forces have been repelling constant attacks, offensives over the past week. The number of shellings has increased, the number of daily offensives has increased. They were trying to figure out the weak points of our defense,” he explained.

The head of the Lugansk OVA also specified that the invaders concentrated their main efforts in the Kremensk direction . But they fail to succeed.

“There, our guys are constantly repelling a huge number of attacks from the Russian occupation forces. They do not have any significant success. There is no breakthrough. The situation is difficult, but completely controllable,” he said.

In addition, the situation is also absolutely controlled in the Svatovsko-Kupyansky direction and Belogorovka.

It is worth noting that the specialists of the American Institute for the Study of War also believe that the Russian invaders launched an offensive in the Lugansk region , the pace of enemy operations in this sector of the front increased, but did not reach its peak. The Ukrainian Defense Forces do not yet allow the invaders to achieve significant success, although the enemy has attracted units of the regular army to the battles – at least three large divisions of the RF Armed Forces.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, according to Foreign Policy, the terrorist country was allegedly able to prepare about 1,800 tanks, about 4,000 armored vehicles, and 2,700 artillery systems for future operations . The enemy also has 810 Soviet multiple launch rocket systems such as Grad and Smerch, 400 fighters and 300 helicopters ready for combat.