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Kazakhstan kickstarts global conference to address global challenges

New Delhi: Amidst the rising discord & polarization, strained ties between global powers and a fractured world order, Kazakhstan has kick-started an international conference – Astana International Forum, to address the key challenges that the world is facing today.

Astana International Forum will work with eminent delegates & world-renowned academia to tackle the looming global challenges, with combined endeavour.

The International Conference will be held for two days in Astana on June 8-9, 2023, under the aegis of President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

The forum will saw participation of eminent delegates, international experts, world-acclaimed businesses & academia where they will engage in active dialogue to find out ways & means to deal with challenges before the world including climate change, food scarcity and energy security challenges.

Kazakhstan President Tokayev, while speaking on Astana International Forum said, “Today, across the globe we face historic challenges, the likes of which we have not encountered for decades or longer. These challenges are putting unprecedented pressure on the international community, creating new dividing lines and challenging the principles of globalization and multilateralism. The Astana International Forum was created to respond to these challenges.”

“Through the Astana International Forum, we hope to build new bridges and strengthen ties, as we come together to overcome the collective challenges we face, charting a new way forward – diplomatically, economically and politically,” he further added.

Kazakhstan has a long history of advancing constructive international relations, serving as a bridge between East and West – and while this policy has been firmly tested in 2022, it has proven resilient. We have shown the value of cooperation.

He also said that Kazakhstan has long served as a bridge between the East & West and this time it will not shy away from fostering friendship & harmony among nations.

Notably, the Astana International Forum took birth, on back of growing success of Astana Economic Forum. This has been conceptualized to address 4 key global challenges – Foreign policy, security & sustainability, energy & climate, and economy & finance.