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BJP Launches All-out Attack Against Rahul Gandhi For Remarks In US; Calls Him ‘Fake Gandhi’

The BJP on Wednesday launched an all-out attack against former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for his remarks in the US targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he was a “fake Gandhi” and a person “who knows nothing” but has become an expert on everything.

At an event in Santa Clara in the US, Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Modi, describing him as a “specimen”, who could start explaining to God how the universe worked.

“That is the disease. We have a group of people in India, who are absolutely convinced that they know everything. In fact, they think they know even better than God. They can sit down with God and have a conversation and explain to him about what is going on. Of course, our prime minister is one such specimen,” Gandhi said at an event ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’, organised by the Indian Overseas Congress USA.

Hitting back at Gandhi, Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Pralhad Joshi claimed that the Congress leader’s knowledge of history did not go beyond his family.

“It is funny how someone who knows nothing is suddenly an expert on everything. A man whose knowledge of history does not go beyond his family is talking about history,” the senior BJP leader said.

“A man who claimed to produce gold out of potatoes is giving lectures about science and a man who never ventured beyond family affairs now wants to lead India’s warfare,” Joshi said.

“No Mr Fake Gandhi! The core of India is its culture. Unlike you, who use foreign soil to tarnish the country, Indians are very proud of their history and can very well defend their geography,” he said.

Accusing Gandhi of “defaming” India during his overseas trips, Union minister Anurag Thakur said it has become a habit with the Congress leader.

“This is reflective of his frustration that he leaves no stone unturned to insult India abroad in his efforts to defame Prime Minister Modi,” he said.

He also said Gandhi likened the alleged targeting of Muslims in India to what used to happen to Dalits in Uttar Pradesh in the 80s but forgot to tell people that it was the Congress that was in power in the country and the state then.

Gandhi should answer if atrocities against Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and minorities were patronised by the Congress, he asked.

BJP chief spokesperson and Rajya Sabha member Anil Baluni said it is in the Congress’ character to defame the country and conspire against it.

The world is lauding India for its development under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership but some leaders in the country are working to malign it on foreign soil, he said.

Senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi said Gandhi is making such remarks out of “frustration” as people of the country are standing by prime minister Modi.

“People from Congress following dynastic tradition feel that it is their birthright to rule but today they have been deprived of this right and people are standing by Narendra Modi due to his work,” he said.

On Gandhi’s remark about the condition of the minority community in India, the BJP MP claimed that Muslims are the most secure and safe under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime “than ever” in the past.

Muslims in the country have equally been beneficiaries of the various welfare schemes ranging from free LPG connections to toilets with Prime Minister Modi’s government functioning with a ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ vision, he said.

“The Opposition wants to instigate and create fear with such statements since the BJP has turned its focus on Pasmanda Muslims. A sizable number of Muslims won the councilor posts and some of the chairman’s posts in recent local body polls (in Uttar Pradesh). So, they (Congress) have a fear that Muslim votes would gradually shift to the BJP,” the BJP leader added.

BJP leader and former Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi also attacked Gandhi and said his “obsession for Modi bashing” has turned into “India bashing”.

“Entire secular syndicate, of which Congress is the leader, considered the country’s Muslims like chewing gum and chewed them…Narendra Modi made them (Muslims) partners in the inclusive development of the society. Narendra Modi demolished the shop of communal votes. This is the problem,” Naqvi said.

“Congress is still living in the delusion that India is Indira and Congress is country,” he charged.

“Congress is not the country. India is not indiraToday every one in India is experiencing progress and prosperity, and becoming part of it,” he added.

BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said,”Today when the entire world is celebrating India, Rahul Gandhi and ‘Bharat Badnami Brigade’ is at it again. And in order to oppose PM Modi and the BJP, they have got down to opposition against India and Indian culture itself.” 

Source : RepublicWorld.com