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Nipah Virus Situation Under Control in India’s Kerala State

The spread of the Nipah virus in India’s southern state of Kerala was under control as no new cases had been reported over the past couple of days, the state’s health minister Veena George said on Monday.

The virus hit the state last week after two deaths were reported. So far, a total of six cases have been detected within the state.

“Currently the situation is under control. There are 352 people on the high-risk contact list. Health workers have intensified prevention activities in places where Nipah virus has been confirmed,” the minister reportedly said.

She further stated that as many as 1,233 people were on the contact list, 23 people had been admitted to the medical college, and 34,167 house visits had been completed as part of the precautionary measures.

This was said to be the fourth outbreak of the deadly virus in Kerala in the past few years.

The Indian Council of Medical Research and the World Health Organization found that nine states in India had the probability of Nipah occurrence, the minister added.