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Syria Condemns Israel’s Attacks, Calls for Accountability

The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday renewed condemnation of Israel for the attacks in the Gaza Strip and the repetitive attacks on Syrian territories.

In a statement carried by the state news agency SANA, the ministry denounced the attack on the Aleppo International Airport that took place earlier on Wednesday, saying the recent attack marks the fourth assault within a month on the airport, “showcasing an alarming pattern of belligerence.”

The ministry lamented the killing of thousands of Palestinians, including about 2,000 children, and the destruction of countless Palestinian homes and infrastructure, leaving innocent civilians in Gaza in disarray.

The ministry urged Israel to refrain from “using the narrative of supposed right to self-defense” to continue attacks on the Palestinian population, “forcibly displacing them from their rightful lands.”

The statement stressed “the collective responsibility for endangering regional and international peace and security lies on Israel and its Western backers.”

Finally, it demanded the prosecution of the perpetrators, emphasizing the critical importance of upholding international law and humanitarian principles.