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Afghan Embassy in New Delhi Functional, Says Government

The Afghan embassy in New Delhi is functional, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Thursday.

“The Afghan Embassy in New Delhi and the consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad are functional,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said during the weekly media briefing.

“You can see from the flag who they represent and our position on the condition of entities has not changed,” he said, indicating that the embassy represents the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and not the current Taliban set up.

The MEA spokesperson was asked whether the diplomats operating the embassy represent the previous government or the Taliban set up. He said the Afghan diplomats will continue to provide services to the Afghan nationals in India.

India has not yet recognised the Taliban set up and has been pitching for the formation of a truly inclusive government in Kabul, besides insisting that Afghan soil must not be used for any terrorist activities against any country.

The embassy, under the control of Ambassador Farid Mamundzay, last month announced its permanent closure, citing “persistent challenges from the Indian government”.

It is learnt that Mamundzay’s announcement of the closure of the embassy was more to do with the internal power struggle and departure of around 20 diplomats from India seeking asylum in the West.

Mamundzay has been in London since June.

It is also learnt that the Afghan Consul General in Mumbai Zakia Wardrak, is now overseeing the operations at the embassy.