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At the L20 India Forum, Labor Encourages Post-Pandemic HR Development

All countries must work together to eradicate the human trafficking mafia.The Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI) led by Andi Gani Nena Wea opened the 2023 G20-Labor 20 (L20) Engagement Summit. This event took place at Gyan Bhavan, Ashoka Convention Center, India, last Thursday (22/6).

The opening speech by KSPSI Secretary General Hermanto Ahmad was special because only 3 countries were given the opportunity to give opening remarks at the 2023 G20-L20 Engagement Summit. Namely, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

In his speech, Hermanto discussed aspects that could affect the development of human resources entering the industrial era 4.0. According to him, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of every country must increase their concern for human resource development. Because, this is really needed, especially from the members of the G20-L20.

“Besides that, it is also necessary to encourage the growth of a climate of higher quality social dialogue between stakeholders in a tripartite manner based on mutual trust,” he said in his official statement received by Republika.co.id, Saturday (24/6).

In Hermanto’s opinion, improving the quality of social dialogue is very important to reduce existing barriers to industrial relations. Moreover, towards the preparation of human resources who are able to respond to change.

“Of course this will have a positive impact not only on workers but also on employers and the government,” he said.

Apart from that, said Hermanto, another important point discussed was regarding increasing the quantity and quality of social protection for workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that social protection for workers that is designed for the next few years turns out to be unable to handle it when sudden changes occur. Luckily the state can help by providing social assistance beyond the available social protection.

“This protection is necessary, guaranteeing the protection of workers when they experience sudden layoffs. We need to jointly urge the Government, especially developing countries, to build mutual understanding so that when they retire, they can enjoy a happy old age,” he explained.

Actually, said Hermanto, this social protection is still not enough to provide comfort for workers when they reach retirement age, after retirement workers still have to try to make ends meet.

“We hope for the support of the delegates so that together we urge the G20 to pay attention to improving the quality of social dialogue, increasing social protection for workers both during and after work,” he explained.

On the same occasion, General Chair of the Indonesian Informal Workers and Professional Workers Union (IMPI) William Yani Wea proposed 10 main points to be included in the L-20 Joint Statement Draft in an effort to eradicate the human trafficking mafia.

“The Joint Statement is to serve as input for the 20 heads of state who are members of the G-20,” said Yani.

According to him, all countries must respect the dignity of legal and illegal migrant workers. One solution is that the legal apparatus in receiving countries of migrant workers must pay attention to complaints and respect the dignity of migrant workers.

“All countries must work together to eradicate the human trafficking mafia,” he stressed.

Source : Republika