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Nearly Half a Million Indians Affected by Severe Floods

More than 495,000 people in northeastern India have been hit by severe flooding after heavy rains hit the region, submerging entire villages. India’s disaster management authority said the hundreds of residents were spread across 22 districts in the state of Assam.

About 14 thousand people were evacuated to relief camps after heavy rains hit the whole region in the middle of the recent rainy season. The rains caused the Beki river that flows through Assam to overflow. At least one person died as a result of the flood.

Local television video footage showed villagers wading neck-deep in muddy water with their livestock. Homes, shops and cars were flooded.

The state of more than 31 million people does experience heavy rains and flooding during the incessant rainy season. The rainy season in India itself can last from April to September.

This year, floods hit Assam one week after tropical cyclone Biparjoy hit India’s west coast.

Meanwhile, at the same time, parts of northern India are experiencing endless heatwaves as temperatures soar in the two most populous states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Dozens of people have been reported dead across the state as temperatures soared to 47 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

Source : CNN