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Biden-Modi Intimate, Agree to Cooperate Against China

The meeting of United States (US) President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a working visit this week marked the start of a stronger relationship between the two countries. The results of the meeting of the two heads of state resulted in several series of defense and trade agreements amidst China’s influence on the international stage.
According to Reuters, Washington wants India to be a strategic counterweight to China and sees India as an important partnership.

Meanwhile Modi is seeking to increase the influence of India, the world’s most populous nation with 1.4 billion people, on the world stage after strained relations with neighboring China.

A senior Biden administration official said a comprehensive deal would be announced in the near future. These include semiconductors, essential minerals, technology, space cooperation, and defense and sales cooperation between the two countries.

Several deals are aimed at diversifying supply chains to reduce dependence on China. The US is also seeking to counter China’s increasing influence in the Indo-Pacific region by strengthening defense ties with countries such as India and Australia.

The two leaders will sign a pioneering deal that will allow General Electric Co to manufacture jet engines in India to power Indian military aircraft.

In addition, US Navy ships in the region will be able to stop at Indian shipyards for repairs under a maritime agreement reached between the two governments.

The leaders will also announce India’s plans to purchase US-made MQ-9B Sea Guardian armed drones, US officials said.

“We have now truly entered into a ‘next generation’ defense partnership,” the US official said, quoted Thursday (22/6/2023).

The agreement will cover US chipmaker Micron Technology’s US$2.7 billion plan for a new semiconductor testing and packaging unit, to be built in Modi’s home state of Gujarata.

Combined with agreements on quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and more developed over the last few months. It’s safe to say Modi’s visit encouraged more American companies to invest in India.

Source : BBC